Know more about our company’s background and how we can help your senior loved ones through our home care services in the Lower Mainland.

Pinnacle Home Care provides an unparalleled level of
responsiveness and reliability to give you peace of mind.

We go above and beyond our clients’ essential needs by focusing on treating them as people, not just as patients

Services are tailored to each client’s unique health history, while keeping their care requirements, personality traits and individual preferences in mind.

At Pinnacle Home Care, our success stems from our ability to match each of our clients with highly compatible and compassionate caregivers with whom they can form a trusting relationship. We also provide care that’s exceptionally connected: alongside your Client Services Manager, we have a team quality control supervisors, relief caregivers and on-call staff to support you through your loved one’s care journey.

Vision Statement

PINNACLE HOME CARE SERVICES strives to be the provider of choice for Home and Community-Based Services by providing a resourceful, innovative environment through continuous performance improvement.

Mission Statement

The mission of PINNACLE HOME CARE SERVICES is to provide quality home care services. Our firm seeks to help meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of our Client(s) and their families. We are dedicated to accomplishing these services in a highly professional and dignified manner, in an atmosphere most beneficial and cost-effective to the client.

Client Rights

Many potential clients raise valid concerns about home care services, our clients have the right to:
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – all matters concerning your medical and personal affairs are kept in the strictest confidence.
  • RESPECT – your right to be treated as an individual with the dignity, respect and consideration deserved by all. This includes respect for your property and personal affairs.
  • COMMUNICATION – we welcome your feedback, grievances and suggestions through any communication channel.
  • RESPONSIBLE CARE – as provided by compassionate employees that have been screened and trained to deliver exceptional service.

Employee Commitments

Our employees are screened, trained, and insured to provide the best in service. You can expect the following from our employees:
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of the client is top priority.
  • Adhere to company policies.
  • Display proper identification.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.